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Network Changes (2022)

Network Changes (2022)
Why is Callcentric making these changes?
Do I need to update my devices configuration and/or firewall rules?
When do I have to make these changes by?
What IP blocks should I add to my router/firewall?
Do I have to update the SIP Domain?
Which Endpoints require changes to their settings?
Which sections need updating in FreePBX?

Why is Callcentric making these changes?
Our new infrastructure operates in multiple geographically diverse data centers and was designed to enhance reliability/redundancy. The changes we're requiring are because we've deployed new IP Address Ranges to support your devices.

Due to the nature of our recent upgrades, some customers will be required to make changes to their device and/or firewall to ensure uninterrupted service.

We’ve been operating our existing infrastructure and the Callcentric service (with many invisible changes in the background) for the last 17+ years. These are the first network changes in our company's history that require some customers to modify their configurations.

Do I need to update my devices configuration and/or firewall rules?
The large majority of customers (approx 96%) will not need to do anything to ensure uninterrupted service. The required upgrades specifically applies to:

  • Customers with a firewall that only allows access to specific Callcentric IP addresses
  • IP PBX users (Asterisk, FreePBX, etc) with configurations that explicitly define our VoIP Servers

When do I have to make these changes by?
Affected customers are required to complete the mandatory updates prior to 9/7/2022.

Our goal is to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Customers have been provided 3+ months of advance notice and have been sent multiple advisory notifications, to ensure that anyone who is affected has plenty of time to complete the required actions.

Affected customers who do not apply the required updates prior to 9/7/2022, will lose the ability to place/receive calls (this includes both standard and emergency/911 calls).

Our Customer Support Team is available every day of the week. If you're unsure if these changes will affect your services or if you need any assistance, please open a support ticket

What IP blocks should I add to my router/firewall?
Please use the information below if you have a secured/restricted network and need to know the ports and/or IP Addresses to allow for our service:

NOTE: In general ports 5060-5080 should be allowed in order to properly communicate with the Callcentric servers. Users experiencing audio issues may want to check that RTP audio is not blocked by their firewall configuration:

IP addresses/Networks

  • ( -
  • ( -

If you are making changes for security purposes or are using more advanced configurations, please make sure that the ports used with your SIP UA are not blocked by your firewall rules.

If you continue to have problems and need further assistance, please contact support

Do I have to update the SIP Domain?
Applying this update offers enhanced reliability and redundancy for your setup. Please note this update can be applied by any customer who is connecting VoIP Hardware or Software to our network.

If you are able to access your Device/App/Trunk configuration without any additional assistance, we recommend switching to our NEW Domain (sip.callcentric.net).

This applies to ANY field within your current configuration that holds the value "callcentric.com"; such as DOMAIN, PROXY, REGISTRAR, etc...(Domain/Proxy/Registrar etc..).

IMPORTANT NOTE #1 - Our new domain's address ends in ".NET" and not ".com". The address is - SIP.callcentric.NET

IMPORTANT NOTE #2 - Updating your domain to our new address is strongly recommended, but is not mandatory. There is NO RISK in forgoing this step and continuing to use our Legacy SIP Domain (callcentric.com) in your UA's existing configuration.

Which Endpoints require changes to their settings?
Asterisk Configurations that explicitly define our Hostnames within the sip_custom_post.conf or sip.conf file

Here are some popular PBX Platforms that require this update:

  • FreePBX (Version 12 and above)
  • Trixbox
  • Vanilla Asterisk (Version 1.6 and above)
  • VitalPBX

Which sections need updating in FreePBX?
Please follow the checklist below:

1) Confirm your Callcentric SIP Trunk is configured using Chan_SIP
- See image below. If confirmed, please move to Step 2

2) Update Hostnames
- If you are using Chan_SIP, the PBX should have already been configured with 20 Alpha Servers in the sip_custom_post.conf file.


ADD NEW Hostnames: Complete list is located within the Guide(STEP 1 >> Section 22)


***** The value that you've specified on the option Outgoing settings >> Trunk Name within your trunk configuration page, must be included within the parentheses on the settings above. For example, if you've specified callcentric (all lowercase) as presented above; please specify the above settings as-is. To further illustrate, if you've specified Trunk_1 for that option, you will need to include the following:




3) Update SIP Domain (Recommended):

OLD Domain: callcentric.com
NEW Domain: sip.callcentric.net

4) Verify Registration status under the Extensions page. If the Domain change caused your Registration to drop (it should not), please revert back to 'callcentric.com' and review Registration status. If you have any questions or need assistance, please open a Support Ticket