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What is Callcentric?
Callcentric is an internet phone service that allows people worldwide to make phone calls to other Callcentric subscribers for free; sign up for rate plans and services such as voice mail and phone numbers; and make discounted calls worldwide at low rates. Callcentric is based on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) which is the standard for broadband phone service. More information about Callcentric's services, features, and pricing are available at on our website.

What is the Callcentric Agent Program (CAP)?
The CAP allows individuals and businesses to earn commissions on all Callcentric paid services and calls made by customers that are affiliated with their agent account.

How do I earn money with CAP?
CAP is based on a percentage commission of your customer's services and calls. For example if your commission percentage is 3% and you have a customer who spends $10 on a service; you will be credited to your Callcentric account $0.3000. Taking the same 3% commission if a customer of yours makes a call for $1.00 you would be paid $0.0300 to your Callcentric account.


How do I affiliate / refer / create customers under my CAP account?
Your customers are affiliated with you by any (or many) of the following methods:

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  • They visit the page and enter your Agent ID number in the appropriate field under the "Additional Information" section. Once the customer has done that you will be credited to your Callcentric account a percentage of all services they purchase or calls they make; all in real time.

  • They visit a special link (either by typing it or linking from your web page) like: which is a page hard coded with your agent ID within it. Upon finishing signup you will be paid a commission on all services they purchase or calls they make.

  • You sign up their account and hand over the login credentials to them afterwards.

  • You sign up their account and do not give the user their credentials. You manage their account for them.
The method you would choose is related to how and where you provide the service; and what type of customers you have.

Do I have the ability to manage or monitor my customers with my CAP account?
Regardless of the method chosen to affiliate your customer with your CAP account you will have the ability from your own Callcentric account to view reports about your customers, and view statistics on commissions earned; all in real time.

How are my customers accounts funded?
Customer accounts can be funded in many ways:

  • The customer adds funds to their balance or purchases services with their credit card. This method would be the common method if the customer has access to their account and has a credit card.

  • The customer pays their Agent through any method the Agent chooses. The Agent then transfers funds from his/her Callcentric account to the Callcentric account of the customer.

  • The agent controls the credentials for login to the Callcentric account and uses their credit card to add funds and purchase services AND/OR transfers funds from the Agents Callcentric account to the customers Callcentric account.

Regardless of the method chosen the Agent always has the ability to transfer funds from the Agent's account to any customers affiliated with them under CAP. This can be useful if you are taking cash from your customers who do not have credit cards for example.

Can I change or modify the rate plans, services, or rates assigned to my customers?
The agent program only allows you to sell the products and rate plans accessible to the public on our website. The services, rate plans, and call termination rates would be charged the same for any of the customers under your CAP account as it would for any non agent controlled customer. As mentioned above, you simply receive a commission percentage based on all paid services and calls your customer makes.


How do I fund my CAP account?
Depending on amounts, and how often the account needs to be recharged, your CAP account can be funded either with your Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, or by sending a Bank Wire Transfer to Callcentric.

How do I withdraw funds from my CAP account?
Whenever you would like to have your Callcentric account balance lowered or cleared you can simply contact us and we will transfer you money via check, PayPal or wire transfer* to you for the amount that you request. You may of course also use the funds in your account to transfer funds to your customers, or to pay for Callcentric services.

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How is my CAP commission determined?
The commission is based on a number of factors such as:

  • How will you promote the service? Word of mouth, internet advertising, sales people, newspaper/magazine, etc?

  • How involved do you plan to be in setting up and helping your customers? Do you plan to just have a link on your website, or will you get actively involved in the setup, maintenance, and support of your customers?

  • Where do you plan to advertise and promote the service? Will you promote it on the internet, or at the local, regional, country, or multi-country level?

  • Customer projections - How many customers do you believe you will have at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year? Among many other factors.

What CAP commission level should I expect to receive?
CAP Commission levels run between 1% to 10% depending on a number of factors as determined by Callcentric.

Is the CAP commission fixed or variable?
The CAP commission is a fixed percentage that applies to all paid services, monthly fee based rate plans, and paid calls your customer makes. If your CAP is 3%, the 3% will apply to everything your customer pays for.

What do I not get paid a commission for with CAP?
You will not be paid any commission for:

  • Any features, calls, or services that are provided for free to all Callcentric customers.

  • Any fraudulent or abusive activity by you or customers.

Does the CAP commission percentage change?
Depending on revenue, traffic, signups and other factors related to sales under your CAP account, Callcentric may adjust your CAP percentage either up or down.


How do I move forward to join the Callcentric Agent Program?
To continue discussions as to how the agent program works, and to be assigned a commission rate we would need to know more about your current business, plans for how you would sell/promote the Callcentric service, among other information. Please complete the CAP Application here.

Who should I contact for more information about CAP?
In order to obtain more information about the Callcentric Agent Program please complete the
CAP Application.

Apply to Become an Agent now!

Thank you for your interest in the Callcentric Agent Program!

* There is a $20 minimum for CAP Commission Payment Requests. Payments via wire transfer will have a $27 fee deducted to cover bank fees.