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We now support SMS on our US/Canada DIDs! Numbers can be SMS Enabled in less than an hour from the time you submit your order and we offer two different "SMS Access Plans" that provide some of the most aggressive messaging rates currently available in VoIP!
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Send/receive SMS Messages IN REAL TIME directly from the NEW Message Center in the MyCallcentric Portal!
Need even more flexibility?
We also offer SMS Forwarding to e-mail and mobile numbers!

Plan name Geographical location Per message cost Monthly fee Setup fee
SMS Basic USA and Canada $0.010 $1.00 $0.00 Order Now
SMS Pro USA and Canada $0.008 $2.00 $0.00 Order Now
Prices exclude taxes.

SMS Enablement Availability
US/Canada DIDsYes
Toll-Free DIDsNo
International DIDsNo
MMS SupportedNo
Inbound Short Code SupportNo
Inbound SMS from int'l numbersNo
Outbound SMS to int'l numbersNo
Send/receive from iPhone AppYes
Send/receive from PortalYes
Forwarding to e-mailYes
Forwarding to mobile numbersYes

Do I need to activate an SMS Access Plan on my account in order to use SMS on my US/Canada DIDs?
Yes. To send/receive SMS Messages on your DIDs you will first need to activate an SMS Access Plan on your account.
Does the monthly charge for the SMS Access Plans include any messages?
No, our SMS Access Plans do not come included with any messages. Inbound/Outbound SMS Messages are billed in-line with the rates detailed above.
How long does it take for a DID to be SMS Enabled from the time I submit my request?
Your numbers will be SMS Enabled and ready for use within 1-2 hours from the time you complete your order.
Do you currently support MMS?
Unfortunately we do not support MMS Messages at this time. However, adding MMS Support is on our "to do list", so Stay Tuned!
Can I receive inbound messages from Short Code Numbers on my SMS Enabled Numbers?
We provide "good faith" support for receiving Short Code Messages, however due to intangibles beyond our control we cannot guarantee reception of these messages.
Can I receive inbound messages from International Numbers?
At this time we can only provide "good faith" support on receiving messages from International Numbers. Sending messages to numbers outside of the US/Canada is not currently supported.
Where can I learn more?
To review our comprehensive FAQs for SMS, click here.
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