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Dirt Cheap DID

A Dirt Cheap DID is a phone number like our other phone number products, we've just lowered the price! We are currently overstocked on DIDs in parts of the USA and Canada; as a result you save money!

ALL Dirt Cheap DID's include UNLIMITED INCOMING CALLS with no per-minute incoming call fees.

Dirt Cheap DID's are currently available in over 300 United States and 100 Canadian Rate Centers; covering more than 20 states and 10 provinces.

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Don't wait, get yours now! Dirt Cheap DID's are available in limited quantities and are ONLY offered in the areas we have overstock. Once our overstock in a particular rate center has been depleted, we will not be offering the Dirt Cheap DID product there any longer.
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Usage type
Inbound OnlyYes
Residential / PersonalYes
Business / OfficeNo
Call centersNo
Calling card providersNo
Conference roomsNo
Any purposeNo
PSTN Forwarding Capable:Yes
PSTN FWD included in DID Cost:No
Incoming channels
Included channels2
Maximum channelsN/A
Additional channel monthly feeN/A
Additional channel setup feeN/A
Monthly fee$2.95
Setup - one time fee$0.00
Price per minute$0.00

Prices exclude taxes, and 911 Service Fee for US and Canada customers.

Special restrictions for Dirt Cheap DID promotion

Are there any limitations to how I use the Dirt Cheap DID?

The same limitations that apply to our Personal Unlimited phone number product apply to the Dirt Cheap DID's, which includes:
  • They may only be used for personal/residential use. No business use is allowed.
  • You cannot add additional channels to a Dirt Cheap DID; so you may only receive 2 incoming calls simultaneously.
  • Of course all of our standard Terms and Conditions also apply.

Special limitations on Dirt Cheap DID's:

  • Limited quantities are available.
    This is a first come first served offer. Once we meet our quota in each area it will be removed from the list. So order soon!
  • Numbers cannot be ported into the Dirt Cheap DID product.
  • Numbers assigned/activated by Callcentric as "Dirt Cheap DIDs" after 1/24/14 are subject to a "Number Unlock Fee" of $5 per DID before they can be ported (LNP) from Callcentric to a third-party provider.
  • Cannot be re-purchased if payment failed / non payment.
    If your Dirt Cheap DID cannot be re-billed due to failed payment / non-payment you will not be able to re-order it under the Dirt Cheap DID pricing unless that area is being offered under the Dirt Cheap DID product at the time of re-order. PayPal customers in particular should see this Frequently Asked Question.