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What ports do I need to use in my UA or firewall?
When configuring your user agent (UA) or firewall to work with Callcentric there are certain ports which need to be enabled to avoid quality and/or stability issues. Generally these ports are configured by default; however for users requiring the specific port numbers and protocols please use the information below:

NOTE: You can customize these ports however users who change the ports are generally doing this in advanced environments and will have access to the technical information required.

SIP Ports

Port = 5060
*Port range = 5060 - 5080
Protocol = UDP or UDP/TCP
Direction = Incoming and Outgoing

RTP Ports

The RTP port may vary by UA. If configuring a firewall you will want to configure a range which includes the default RTP port in your UA. A port range of 10 ports may work for most users.

If you will be placing multiple simultaneous calls then a larger range would be required. Users in this scenario will generally know their range requirements and should be able to implement this accordingly.

NOTE: If you are unsure of how many ports to allow then you may simply allow the range between 10000-65535 for RTP data from Callcentric.

Port = Depends on UA
*Port range = Generally a range of 10 ports should suffice
Protocol = UDP or UDP/TCP
Direction = Incoming and Outgoing

*This is for users who may require a port range for their firewall or router

If you still have further questions on this topic please contact us for further assistance.