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Local Number Portability
Can I keep my current phone number?
Will I be able to port my real phone number from Callcentric to another provider?
How long does it take to port a number?
How do I begin porting my number?
Which products can I port my number to?
Can I cancel a pending port order?
Can I specify a specific date for my number to port on?
Can I keep my current Toll-Free phone number?

Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes, in some cases. Callcentric does support Local Number Portability (LNP) in many areas.

Currently LNP is only available in some areas of the United States and Canada. LNP is not currently available within any area outside the USA or Canada.

We can port your number if you meet the following 3 conditions:

1. You will need to verify that your number is portable to us using our LNP tool. If it isn't portable at this time then you may check again in the future to see if we are eventually able to port your number.

2. We generally ask that customers try our phone number service first to make sure they are happy with the service prior to performing a port. Our phone number products are listed here and can be compared here.

3. There is a $10 charge per number for porting. This fee is non-refundable. If you would like to port a sequential range of numbers please contact us for details.

If you are interested in porting your number we strongly recommend you first try our service and even purchase a phone number to see that it works in the way you expect before doing the port. This is to make sure that you understand how the service works; and that you are happy with it prior to beginning the porting process. Once ported you can also easily switch your current number to your ported number without adding a second product, or you can of course add a second product.

Because the porting process is time consuming and difficult for everyone (including you) we want you to be completely satisfied with Callcentric before starting a port.

If your number is portable to us please first test out our services and, once you are comfortable with what you experience, place an LNP order right from your account.

Will I be able to port my real phone number from Callcentric to another provider?
Yes; for US and Canada phone numbers. We will not prevent the porting of any US or Canada number from Callcentric to another provider given that your number is still active under your account.

While numbers purchased in other countries may be portable to other providers; we do not have information on local regulations and porting procedures that vary from country to country and carrier to carrier.

How long does it take to port a number?
The average time to port a number is 10-12 business days. Unfortunately there are no industry standards on porting time to a landline facility (Callcentric while based on VoIP is still considered as a landline facility with respect to porting); and generally the "losing" (existing) carrier is the place where ports get stalled for the most time.

Callcentric cannot provide an exact date for when your number will be ported when you place your order to port; but we will notify you (normally at least a few days in advance) of the exact date your number will port.

How do I begin porting my number?
To begin porting your number, after reading our LNP FAQ, please follow the instructions below:

1 - Visit our LNP verification page, if you haven't already, to check your number
2 - If your number is portable to us simply click on the "Begin porting" button at the bottom of the page
3 - Follow the instructions and complete the order form

*If your number is portable to us please make sure to have a copy of your most recent invoice or bill from your current service provider. Also make sure to sign the Letter of Agency document that you printed out after completing the LNP order form.

Once you have completed the LNP order form a trouble ticket will be opened on your account and you will be updated at every step of the LNP order process.

Which products can I port my number to?
You will not be able to port your number to the following services:

Dirt Cheap DID
Free Phone Number
Outbound products

Keep in mind that our services are separated by inbound and outbound calling ability and we can only allow you to port your numbers to one of our DID products.

If you haven't already checked to see if your number is portable to us; Then we allow numbers to be ported under the following DID products:

Pay Per Minute
Personal Unlimited
Office Unlimited
Service Provider Unlimited
Toll Free*

*For more information on Toll Free porting, please visit our Toll Free FAQ

Your number may not be able to be ported under all of the products above so you will want to use our LNP tool to find out exactly which DID products you can port to.

Can I cancel a pending port order?
Standard US-50 and Canada Numbers - Yes, you can cancel any pending number ports which are in processing; provided that you submit your request to cancel BEFORE we have received a confirmed porting date for your number(s). You can cancel your pending port request(s) by updating the trouble ticket that is tracking your port order(s).

Toll-Free Numbers - Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to cancel your Toll Free port request once your documentation (LNP Application and billing information from your existing provider) has been verified and submitted.

*PSTN Carriers only process requests during standard business hours Monday-Friday (excluding holidays). Therefore port requests and port update requests submitted outside of standard business hours or on weekends will be processed during the next business day.

Can I specify a specific date for my number to port on?
We cannot guarantee or select a specific date your number will port on. If you need your number ported on a specific date please contact support prior to returning your documentation to discuss. You will be notified of the date your number will port as soon as we receive confirmation of the porting date.

Can I keep my current Toll-Free phone number?
Yes, you can port your toll free number to Callcentric at anytime. Please view our FAQ section dedicated to porting your toll free number.