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Local Number Portability

Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes, in some cases. Callcentric does support Local Number Portability (LNP) in many areas.

Currently LNP is only available in some areas of the United States and Canada. LNP is not currently available within any area outside the USA or Canada.

We can port your number if you meet the following 2 conditions:

1. You will need to verify that your number is portable to us using our LNP tool. If it isn't portable at this time then you may check again in the future to see if we are eventually able to port your number.

2. We generally ask that customers try our phone number service first to make sure they are happy with the service prior to performing a port. Our phone number products are listed here and can be compared here.

If you are interested in porting your number we strongly recommend you first try our service and even purchase a phone number to see that it works in the way you expect before doing the port. This is to make sure that you understand how the service works; and that you are happy with it prior to beginning the porting process. Once ported you can also easily switch your current number to your ported number without adding a second product, or you can of course add a second product.

Because the porting process is time consuming and difficult for everyone (including you) we want you to be completely satisfied with Callcentric before starting a port.

If your number is portable to us please first test out our services and, once you are comfortable with what you experience, place an LNP order right from your account.

Note: If you would like to port a sequential range of numbers please contact us for details.