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Can I send and receive faxes with my Callcentric account?
Yes you can. If you only wish to only receive faxes we actually have a very convenient fax reception feature. This feature allows you to receive faxes and then send them to a configured email address, or you can download them right from your My Callcentric account.

If you wish to use your own device or software to both send and receive faxes then the simplest way is to use a hardware UA with a fax machine connected to one of the analog ports. You can then setup your hardware UA to register to our servers and simply connect your fax machine to the line currently registered to our servers.

If you do not have a hardware UA or wish to receive your faxes on a computer/software you should make sure that your default/preferred codec is set to G.711 or if supported T.38.

If you are having problems with sending/receiving faxes you can always contact us for further assistance.

*Please read the detailed information regarding Callcentric's support of IP faxing (FoIP) below:

Technically we support fax using either the T.38 protocol or transparently with G.711. However, both largely depend on the reliability/stability of your internet connection. An internet connection with regular packet loss, high latency (ping) to our servers, and/or jitter (large variations in the latency) will cause problems for faxing. While we do support it, and it does work - we can't tell you how reliable it will be on your internet connection without you actually trying it. We have a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that address your internet connection quality, speed, and such:

Click here to test your bandwidth and see the bandwidth requirements for two example codecs
Click here to test your ping, latency and see if there is any packet loss between your IP and our servers
Click here to test your connection for general quality for VoIP and or faxing

And finally the major factor which may determine your experience with faxing will depend on where you are sending the fax. Sometimes some carriers we purchase our termination through will not have networks that are compatible or sufficient for faxing. We suggest that you try testing to send a fax to a USA/Canada number first (to make sure your settings are correct) prior to attempting faxes outside the USA/Canada.