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Whenever I call my Callcentric DID, or 1777 number, I get a "User unavailable" error message; what's going on?
If you, or other users calling you, receive an error message stating that "...the user you are calling is not available..." you will want to check a few things to make sure that you are actually able to receive incoming calls.

*Note that if you receive the message above this means that your incoming calls are being delivered to your account and that they are failing because of a mis-configuration or other, normally, user related error.

Since this message can be caused by different scenarios we will point out the most frequent ones:

1 - If you are doing call forwarding to a PSTN number please make sure that you have a positive balance in your account to forward your calls.
2 - If you are not doing forwarding to a PSTN number but instead are receiving your calls directly on your UA please first make sure that it is registered to Callcentric's servers. We cannot deliver incoming calls if your UA is not registered to our servers.
3 - If your UA is registered please make sure that your have configured it properly and that you do not have "Do not disturb" enabled either on your account or in your UA. If you are using Asterisk please make sure that you have configured your inbound routes, trixbox/freePBX or Asterisk, properly. This also applies to other IP PBXs, such as pbxnsip, which support advanced inbound call routing.
4 - If you are sure that you have configured all of the above and still do not know why your inbound calls fail please check your account settings to make sure that you do not have "Anonymous call rejection" turned on, that is if you really do not want to receive anonymous calls, or that you do not have "Do Not Disturb" turned on. These can both be activated through star (*) codes so you may have accidentally activated them.

If you are still unable to receive incoming calls after verifying the above then you may contact us for further assistance.