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What is a channel?
A channel essentially determines how many calls you can receive, or place, at once. The more channels you have the more simultaneous calls you will be able to have. By default your account comes with the ability to make 3 simultaneous inbound and outbound calls within the Callcentric network, and other SIP networks.

If you purchase paid services then the number of channels you will have is as follows:

Outgoing calling - By default all of our outgoing services come with the ability to place up to 3 calls at once. Note that there is a setting in your account (called "Multiple calls at once") which you will need to set to enable placing multiple calls at once.

We can increase your outgoing calling capacity under the following services:

Pay Per Call
North America 500
North America 1000

Under the above plans we can initially increase your outgoing channels to 3. If you would need greater than 3 outgoing channels you may open a trouble ticket and we would begin the process of increasing your outgoing calling ability.

Incoming calling - Our DIDs each come with a predefined number of channels. On certain DID services you may be able to increase your incoming calling capacity by adding extra channels. You can view a detailed comparison of our DID services here.

NOTE: You will want to have Call waiting enabled in order to receive multiple incoming calls.

So in essence with our paid services you can define how many channels you would like to have for incoming and outgoing calling.

If you have any questions regarding channels or need more help you may contact us for further assistance.