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Are there any known issues with Callcentric and GoogleVoice?
At this time we have identified that GoogleVoice has trouble forwarding and placing calls to random Callcentric numbers. The symptoms include:

  • Lost calls
  • Dropped calls
  • Incorrect callerID
  • Anonymous callerID

We would like to make it clear that there is no difference in quality nor functionality between free numbers and paid numbers offered by Callcentric. Customers experiencing these GoogleVoice issues will note that they can reliably receive incoming calls directly on their Callcentric numbers when GoogleVoice is not involved.

Based on our industry experience and extensive testing/troubleshooting; we believe this issue may be due to the outgoing carrier being used by GoogleVoice potentially using poorer quality routes. We are currently working with GoogleVoice on this issue to try to attain additional information and also to see what changes can be made on their end (GoogleVoice) to resolve the problem satisfactorily.

Unfortunately, as it has been determined that the above mentioned concerns are related to the way that a third-party provider (GoogleVoice) provides service and delivers calls; we will not investigate your specific issue if it relates to any of the symptoms above.

With that said, we are committed to providing the best service experience possible for our customers and with this in mind we will continue working with GoogleVoice regarding these concerns. Further updates and information will be provided as soon as they are available. In the interim, you may contact Google to inform them of this issue and show that it affects a wider range of their subscribers