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Does Callcentric have peering with other networks?
Yes. Any SIP network around the world can call your Callcentric number assuming they allow SIP URI dialing. For details on how you can be reached from outside Callcentric via your SIP URI please see this FAQ.

Callcentric customers can dial to other SIP networks in a few different ways:
1. Directly dial a SIP URI from your IP phone. This normally isn't convenient to do since most phones do not easily support dialing letters ( abc ) and special symbols like period ( . ) and the at ( @ ) symbol.
2. You may use the Phone Book feature available on the MY CALLCENTRIC website to store SIP URI's which can be dialed from Speed Dial numbers like *7501, *7502, etc.
3. You can use the Click 2 Dial feature available on the MY CALLCENTRIC website to enter the SIP URI you would like to call and when you click the DIAL button a call will be placed to your Callcentric phone (or any other number you specified) and once you answer the SIP URI you entered will be called.
4. Use peering numbers. Peering numbers allow you to dial to other networks without having to dial the domain (I.E. @abc.com). Below is a list of peering partners:

**275 - SIP Broker
SIP Broker allows you to call to over 300 VoIP networks using peering codes listed here. To dial via SIP broker you would dial **275 (which is the access code for SIP Broker), then the code of the network (peer), then the number. Here are some examples:

Example 1:
(Shown separated: **275-*011-188888) This calls to the SIP Broker (**275) Alias Server (*011) to the number 188888 which is the SIP Broker test announcement.

Example 2:
(Shown separated: **275-*393-958) This calls via SIP Broker (**275) to FWD (*393) to the number 958 on FWD which will repeat back your phone number to you.

Example 3:
(Shown separated: **275-*747-12220000000) This calls via SIP Broker (**275) to SIP Phone (*747) to the number 12220000000 on SIP Phone which will put you in the default SIP Phone conference room.

Basically dialing **275 plus the peering number listed on this page plus the number, will get you where you want to go.