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How are 3-way and 4-way calls billed?
When you are already on a conversation with one person, and choose to add another party using 3-way or 4-way calling, additional calls will be billed as follows:

Under the North America Residential, World Select Residential, North America 500 and North America 1000 these additional calls will be included in plan.

Example 1: Under the North America 1000, if you call Jenny @ 12125551234 and then conference Mark @ 19545551234 you would use your included minutes for both calls. Once your minutes are used up you would then be billed at our Pay Per Call rates for the rest of the time spent on these calls.

Example 2: You have the North America Residential rate plan and place a call to Jenny @ 12125551234. You then add Mark, from Florida USA, @ 19545551234. Your first call will be billed $0.00 since it is considered within your rate plan. Your 2nd call (to the 3rd party) would be included in plan at no extra per minute rate. Should you choose to add a 4th person to the call the same rules would apply.

Example 3: You are on the World Select Residential and are on a call with Mathieu, from France, @3315551234 and choose to add Carlos, in Spain, @ 3415551234. The first and second calls will be included in plan. If you choose to add a 4th person to this call who lives in Italy, the duration of the call to the 4th party would also be included in plan.

NOTE: Please view the World Select Residential page for information on which countries include and do not include unlimited calling to mobile phones.