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Caller ID and CNAM

Can I select which caller ID/phone number is sent on my outbound calls?
NOTE: You will NOT be able to use a non Callcentric toll free number as your outgoing caller ID due to FCC regulations. No carrier will accept a toll free caller ID which does not match the actual carrier and owner of said toll free number.

Yes you can select the caller ID you wish to send out per call. Callcentric supports the ability to send one of the caller IDs on your account, instead of only the default one, on each outbound call. This feature primarily applies to business customers and customers running their own IP PBX system. If you do not wish to send out a different caller ID per call then setting your default caller ID in your preferences should be sufficient for you.

Using this feature you may include the caller ID number to send on your outbound call within the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) INVITE call setup message.

You may pass caller ID numbers for DID's already on your Callcentric account; and you may also pass a caller ID number for number(s) that do not belong to your Callcentric account (such as a cell phone) once you have verified those numbers with us.

This feature is generally useful if you have many extensions behind an IP PBX and wish to pass a unique caller ID (such as the DID) for each extension. It is only available for sending caller ID of numbers in Country Code 1 which includes the USA, Canada, and some other countries primarily in the Caribbean.

NOTE: If you want to pass the caller ID of a number NOT on your Callcentric account you will first need to get your number(s) verified.

To send the caller ID number of a DID on your account or an already verified number within the SIP INVITE message of an outbound call you will need to have your user agent (UA) attach any of the following headers from highest priority to lowest priority, which are supported by most IP PBX's (check your vendor's documentation for support), to your outbound calls:


When we receive an outbound call from your UA with any of the above headers, and that header includes a caller ID number that is a DID on your account OR has been verified on your account we will pass that as the outbound caller ID for that call; over-riding any settings in your Callcentric account preferences.