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How can I make sure that my services will be billed properly every month?
At Callcentric we begin billing on the 27th of the month through to the end of the month. Emails are sent out to end users on the 20th of the month notifying them of the billing cycle and users are responsible for making sure that their accounts are configured properly in order to keep their recurring services.

*If you receive a product cancellation message in your account or through email please view this FAQ.

You can easily make sure that our systems are able to bill your services every month by setting up your account properly the first time. You can use the guidelines below to assist you:

Billing from your balance:

*If you are using PayPal please read our PayPal FAQ.

You can first make sure that your Callcentric balance has enough to bill for your services. To do this you can either add funds through your credit card manually or add funds through PayPal. You can also turn on auto-recharge to automatically add funds to your account balance ONLY through a credit card if your balance reaches a certain level.

*If you do not have a credit card then your services will NOT be billed if your balance is not sufficient to pay for your services. If you do have a valid credit card on your account then depending on the total for your services our systems will either bill only from your credit card or split between your balance and your credit card.

Billing from a credit card:

If you have set your billing preferences in your My Callcentric account to bill from your credit card only please make sure that there are enough funds in your credit card by the 26th of the month.