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How are forwarded calls billed?
Each forwarded call has two legs. An incoming and an outgoing leg. For the incoming leg you would be billed according to the incoming serviceyou receive the calls under. The outgoing/forwarded leg will be billed as follows:

NOTE: Our outgoing services DO NOT provide a number. You can add an incoming service to your account at anytime.

Under the North America 500 and North America 1000 you would use the included minutes and then, once you go over, you would be billed at rates based on the Pay Per Call rate plan.

Example: If you have the North America 500 on your account you would have 500 minutes to use for call forwarding. Once you have gone over 500 minutes you would be billed at our Pay Per Call rates for the forwarded leg of your calls.

With the World Select Residential and North America Residential, call forwarding is included in your monthly fee, for residential purposes.

Example: If you have selected the North America Residential rate plan on your account, and you are using Call Treatments or DID forwarding to forward all incoming calls to a number within the United States; all calls that are forwarded would be included and you would not pay per minute for the forwarded call.

With the Pay Per Call or IP Freedom as your outgoing service you would be billed at our per minute rates for the forwarded leg of the call regardless of the incoming service you received the call under.

Example: You receive a call from Marie on your Dirt Cheap DID and forward it to your mobile number in Australia. You would not be billed for the incoming leg of the call. However you would be billed according to our per minute rates for the Australian leg of the call.

NOTE: Please view our multiple calls faq for information on simultaneous forwarded calls.