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911 - Emergency Services

How does Callcentric Provision 911 Service?
We do not provision 911 on any Phone Number purchased via our Service(or Number acquired from any other Provider). We send out a hidden number during a 911 call. And this number will be assigned to your account when 911 service is first activated. It will tied to your Name and Address.

The reason we do this is because a large portion of our customers have multiple DID's on their account and in general people are switching products around, etc. this way you have one number that is always used for 911 on your account regardless of the other products that you have, so if you want to move the DID to another account of yours then it won't affect your 911 service, note that this also saves money because otherwise we would have to re-provision your 911 any time you made such a change. Another example is if you are forwarding your DID to another location and someone at your house has an emergency and uses your Callcentric account to call 911 if the emergency response center needs to call you back then they call back the DID that is hidden and therefore will always ring where your Device or Softphone is physically registered.

Another reason that we implement 911 in this way is because we have a large number of clients who do not even have DIDs(or phone numbers) on their accounts, if they call 911 then 911 needs a number to be able to reach them at, this way we have one central and simple way of implementing 911, the least complicated the better and also that way there is less room for error so that 911 should always work.

So, essentially think of your account being mapped to a hidden phone number, internally, when a 911 call is placed. And if the Emergency Center ever needs to call you back, the operator will know which number to call. The call will be routed to the SIP Client(Hardware/Software) that placed the call.

You may find out what your 911 Phone Number is, by dialing 933 from your Callcentric SIP Client. This will only work if you have 911 activated on your Account.