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911 - Emergency Services

Should I test calling 911?
Ideally you do not need to test 911, and we recommend not dialing 911 unless it is an emergency. If you have received an email stating that your 911 service has been activated, then 911 will work should you ever need it.

NOTE: Testing 911 when there is not an emergency can be punishable by law in certain states. We advise you check your local and state laws for more information. If you do choose to test 911, you must immediately inform the emergency response personnel that it is not an emergency and that you are testing your 911 service to make sure it's working.

There are other methods of testing 911 without actually dialing 911. These are shown below:
  1. Dialing 933. 933 provides the ability to receive the exact information that would be delivered to 911 operators when you dial 911. 933 is the best way to make sure that your information was submitted properly and is an entirely automated process.
  2. Dialing your local PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) through their local numbers. You may find these numbers through your local phonebook or city/state registry. If you do dial these numbers please make sure to indicate that your call is a test, as you will be occupying the time of individuals who provide public safety services.
If you have concerns about 911, not answered in any of the other 911 FAQs, then please open a trouble ticket on your account.