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My services were not rebilled and were canceled. How do I get them back?
If you have lost your services, because it could not be rebilled automatically, you may easily get your services back by following the instructions below:

Please note that this method can only be used if:

1 - Your services failed automatic re-billing between the 27th of the month and the 1st of the next month

Please note that this method cannot be used if:

1 - It is past the 19th of the month
2 - You canceled your services from your Callcentric account or you requested that your services be canceled
3 - Your services were canceled for any other reason

If the conditions above are met you can easily re-order your services by, logging into your Callcentric account if you haven't already and, clicking on the Click here to reorder these products link. This link is located directly under the MY PRODUCTS section on the right-middle part of your DASHBOARD

Please also note that you will NOT be billed any setup fees for your new products if using the method described above. You WILL however be billed for the setup fees if the conditions here are true.

If you do not meet some of the conditions above and would like to re-cover past incoming/number, if available, and outgoing/rate plan services then please follow the instructions below:

Recover your DID/incoming services
Recover your outgoing service

If you have trouble recovering your services please contact us to open a trouble ticket on your account.