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How do I use simultaneous ringing and call hunting?
Simultaneous ringing and call hunting add an extra dimension to your call handling/forwarding options allowing you to deliver your incoming calls to multiple destinations with a single rule. You have the option of delivering your incoming calls to 5 different destinations, with the final destination allowing you to send to voicemail, your calling card, fax or a busy tone. Simultaneous ringing and call hunting are described as follows:

  • Simultaneous ringing: Use this option if you wish to have multiple phones ring at once. Your phones will stop ringing after one of the destinations picks up or the specified ring time times out in which case the call will be sent to the 2nd location
  • Call hunting: Use this option to have our system search for you by ringing each destination for a specific number of seconds. If the first destination does not pickup then the next destination will be tried until the call reaches the last location

For each destination you may send to either a number, extension or a SIP URI.

You also have the option of setting the number of seconds a call will ring for. Please note that the actual ring tones are not the same as seconds and you will not be able to calculate ring seconds simply based on the number of ring tones.

Finally you can choose to require dialing "1" to accept the call. Please note that you may want to leave this option disabled if you are sending calls to a PBX with an IVR, as the call may timeout since the IVR will not be able to dial "1".

As you can see call hunting and simultaneous ringing offers you many options for the delivery of your call. You no longer need to be tied down to a single location.