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How do I take a screenshot?
Screenshots are normally requested by Callcentric support for issues such as troubleshooting configuration problems or for LNP documentation. Depending on the operating system you are using there may be multiple ways to take a screenshot. Listed below are instructions for Windows and OSX user:

*Most users using Linux/Unix may have a plethora of options available to them which is why we do not list any single option or options. It may be simpler to lookup the instructions for the specific Linux/Unix based environment you are using.

We highly recommend saving your image in a more commonly used format such as .jpg, .jpeg or .png. Other less commonly used/supported formats, such as .gif, .tiff, .bmp and others, may be used, but may not be as supported or compatible in all situations.


in most Windows versions you would simply press the Prnt Scrn key, usually located at the top right of your keyboard. You would then paste the image into an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop. Depending on what program you are using you may further edit the image and then save it in one of the recommended formats.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 also have a nifty tool called the Snipping Tool. This can also be used to Take screenshots. This is usually located in the start menu under Accessories->Snipping Tool


NOTE: Pictures are automatically saved to your Desktop by default.

OSX has a variety of very useful methods for taking screenshots. One of them being the Grab utility, in the Utilities folder. There are also keyboard shortcuts which you may see listed below:

Taking a screenshot of the entire screen

  • Cmd+Shift+3 Will take a picture of the entire screen and save it
  • Cmd+Control+Shift+3 Will take a picture of the entire screen which you can then paste into an editing program

Taking screenshots of a selected area

  • Cmd+Shift+4 Will allow you to take a picture of the selected area and save it
  • Cmd+Control+Shift+4 Will allow you to take a picture of the selected area and then paste it into an editing program

Taking a screenshot of a window

  • Cmd+Shift+4+Spacebar Will allow you to take a screenshot of a specific window, icon...etc and save it
  • Cmd+Control+Shift+4+Spacebar Will allow you to take a screenshot of a specific window, icon...etc and paste it into a program

If you have any further questions or problems you may contact us for further assistance.