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Telemarketer Block
Travel worldwide with your phone
Unlimited in-network calling
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Telemarketer Block

With our Telemarketer Block feature you can dramatically reduce and potentially eliminate unwanted telemarketing and robocalls.

When activated, inbound callers (to the DIDs that you have this feature activated on) will hear an automated message which will require them to press a specific key (1-9) in order to complete their call. Your Callcentric Phone WILL NOT begin to ring, until AFTER the inbound caller has successfully pressed the requisite key on their phone.

** Callcentric Tip: By configuring your friends, family, and colleagues' phone numbers into your Callcentric Phone Book and setting up a prioritized "Call Treatment" to route calls from these numbers directly to your phone, you can ensure that ONLY callers from unknown numbers will be prompted to press the requisite key (1-9) in order to complete their call.


Premium Features
US/Canada phone number
- Pricing varies by product
International phone number
- Pricing varies by country
US/Canada Toll Free number
- $3.95 setup, $3.95 per month
Alternate numbers
- Pricing varies by product
SMS (Text Messaging) new
- Pricing varies by plan
Local Number Portability (LNP)
- FREE for a limited time
Toll Free Number Portability
- FREE for a limited time
Vanity Toll Free Number Search
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