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Intl. DID - iNum
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For Business or Personal use - iNum numbers are global in nature and do not belong to a specific country or city. iNum numbers are issued in the +883-5100 country code. iNum numbers are reachable from access numbers in over 45 countries; and can also be called by directly dialing an iNum number from some Carriers worldwide (calling costs may apply). iNum numbers are not yet reachable by calling directly from all Carriers, but are expected to be reachable from any carrier worldwide in the future. The service includes 2 "channels" which allows you to receive 2 simultaneous calls to your number, and unlimited incoming minutes. Please note: The iNum numbers provided by Callcentric may not be used by telephony service providers including calling card applications, call centers, and other similar applications. For more information on iNum please visit the iNum website here: http://www.inum.net.

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Note: International Unlimited DIDs cannot be SMS Enabled at this time

Link to this page: iNum Phone Numbers: International DID - iNum