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North America Toll Free Number

With a North America Toll Free phone number you get your own Toll Free number that will ring through to your Callcentric phone, or can be forwarded to any regular phone worldwide. Callers to your Toll Free number will not be charged for their phone call. Also, since Caller ID cannot be blocked to a Toll Free number from a regular phone, you'll always get to see who is calling.

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Usage type
Inbound OnlyYes
Residential / PersonalYes
Business / OfficeYes
Call centersYes
IVR servicesYes
Calling card providersYes
Conference roomsYes
Any purposeYes
PSTN Forwarding Capable:Yes
PSTN FWD included in DID Cost:No
Incoming channels
Included channels3
Maximum channelsUnlimited
Additional channel monthly fee$1.00
Additional channel setup fee$1.00
Monthly fee$3.95
Setup - one time fee$3.95
Price per minute:

Prices exclude taxes, and 911 Cost Recovery Fee for US and Canada customers.